Chef Town Strategy Guide and Tips to Earn More Coins

Tips on how to save time and earn more in Chef Town.

Cooking is probably one of the most loved hobbies of most people, regardless of age and gender, why, because most of us love to eat as well. We love food that’s why we love to cook. And because of our obsession with food, sometimes we still indulge ourselves in playing games involving cooking and food, and one good example is playing Chef Town game online.

Most of you are definitely familiar with restaurant builder genre games online, but I must say that among all these games, Chef Town is the best and more enjoyable to play. In this game, you will begin the game by owning a mini restaurant with only two tables to accommodate your costumers and only one soup stove to prepare your menu. But that is the challenge of the game because as you go deeper and become more famous and earn a lot, you will then expand your mini restaurant and grow it into a bigger one, cook more food, seat more costumers, and grow your resto into a Cheesecake Factory-esque monolith. How cool is that? So here are a few tips that you should follow in order for you to run your own restaurant business in Chef Town.

You have to purchase more walls and tiles if you don’t want your space to run out in your restaurant. Another thing that you must take note is to save more money from the earnings of your restaurant and expand outwards into the grassy areas by using some of your other equipment, starting from the stove to the tables and chairs and even your other decorations and furniture. If you don’t need some of your decorations, you can sell them too and raise more money.

Also, in order for you to save time for your waiters in serving your guests, you have to organize your restaurant space fairly by arranging your tables and chairs close to the appliances. The farther these chairs and tables are apart, the farther your waiter will have to walk in order to serve your costumers, the slower your income will increase. And another thing make sure to cook loads of quick foods so that you will have to easily serve it once the customer arrives. This will save you much time and money as well. These are just simple tips but I hope you enjoy playing Chef Town above everything else.

Earning more coins and gems for your restaurant to be more wonderful.

You can prepare easy to cook foods in order for your to earn more coins. This will let your restaurant to keep selling food as long as you have a ready to sell. A onion soup is perfect example to earn fast coins. You can stack up to thousands of servings per counter tile in a same food. Just add the new food on the top and it will keep on sell and to make it busy.

The best thing to invest is to expand your walls and tile of your place. You need cooking stars in order to expand. The space will run out so quickly and that is why you need to expand more space. Also, it is better to save some money and expand in the grassy areas, because sooner or later you will going to have different equipments like stoves, chairs, tables and a lot more to unlock. As you keep on looking around and doing all of the stuffs for your restaurant, you will see it basically with new appliances and methods of cooking

You need more time and required of hours to complete those recipe. So, it is better to plan out your recipe since you are not able to stay to your game like when you go to back to work or on to bed for a sleep. You will get a lot of rewards when it comes to planning and that time, you need to deal with it since time is more problem in this game.

Planning is one of the best strategy in business. If you plan for good it will help you to finish and save some time. You can also include to your list of plans in clearing your quest to gain more experiences and also gems as a reward. This is the correct way to earn gems as the premium currency in the game. The other this is to download Chet Town cheats to make things very easy for you. But what is the use of cheat if you don’t enjoy your game. That is up to you on how you play this every day but to completing quests is the natural way and unlocking more premium items that the only recommendation are gems not coins. And you can gain more experience in those items.

You can somehow control how fast the food that you prepare to sell by arranging your restaurant set stations, but still you need to be organized to keep the table and chairs at a proper arrangement. Normally as what we do in real life. If you’re going to place everything close from tiles to the tables. The waiter will walk for long time if its far depends on the distance. This strategy is where you can earn fast income but you need to be sure that you have a lot of meals ready.  This really looks messy but you will noticed that the advantage of this is the income you made.